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The Foundation for LGFA (Life Guides for Autistics) dba NeuroGuides is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization focused on engaging, equipping, and encouraging autistic and other neurodivergent adults for success socially, occupationally, and relationally. We work one-on-one with neurodivergent individuals, families worldwide, and others to change life outcomes from negatives to positives.

For persons diagnosed as autistic (autism spectrum condition), the focus is most often on the disability, seen through the lens of a deficit model. However, autistic and other neurodivergent persons have many strengths, and we focus on discovery, engagement of the person, and their strengths for life success.

Neuroguides also engages, consults, and trains corporate leadership worldwide in moving from a simple diversity model to true inclusivity, universal design approaches. We are engaged daily in workplaces with all persons to build an understanding of true neurodiversity. We are changing the narrative for neurodivergent persons, changing the narrative for the betterment of all persons.

NeuroGuides engages, equips, and encourages autistic adults in transformational life journeys.

It is our vision to positively influence the way society sees autism and autistic persons in order to create a stronger culture where neurodiversity is celebrated in the workplace and beyond.

NeuroGuides provides one-on-one, tailored solutions for autistic individuals which promote the E3’s of our mission:

❏ Encouraging individuals to mobilize their strengths to carve out a sustainable, healthy, fulfilling life which meets their academic, interpersonal, social, professional, and lifestyle needs.

❏ Equipping individuals with the support, guidance, direction, tools, and opportunities in order to meet their goals and fulfill their needs.

❏ Engaging individuals directly with the services, employers, social functions, and resources they need by serving as an intermediary between the individual and the end point of their goals.

While we use research-based best practices with a model of engagement that is unique to NeuroGuides, our services for autistic individuals are based on the specific needs, strengths, and goals of the client. Examples of services might include:

➔ Going through the steps to apply for financial aid and college or vocational training.

➔ Working with families to ensure that a school age client’s IEP or 504 plan accommodations are suited to the child’s needs and accommodations are put in place for the student.

➔ Assisting a client with finding a way to monetize talents and special skills by starting a small business or finding an avenue to sell goods and services.

➔ Preparing a client for job readiness and career searches by honing soft skills, polishing resumes, learning interview skills, and finding suitable work.

➢ Age breakdown: 19 to 45 is the average age, but we have served individuals in their 70s.

➢ Geographic breakdown: We serve individuals all over the world.

➢ Who are our clients? Neurodivergent and austistic individuals looking to improve their situation and quality of life. Many have additional labels including ADHD, dyslexia, or sensory processing disorders.

What Makes NeuroGuides’ Programs Successful? There are many government, social services, and support organizations which work with autistic people and have been doing so for many years.

And while we may appreciate the intentions of many of these organizations and public agencies, the reality is many autistic people are simply aging out of schools and services. Other services fail to meet the autistic individuals where they are, declaring them ineligible for services if their observable level of disability is not obvious enough. Aging parents are left with doubt and little hope for the future of their loved ones.

Additionally, the high incidences of depression, anxiety, and suicide among autistic persons continue to reinforce the need for more effective supports for the autistic community. NeuroGuides is here to change the narrative and drive actual forward motion in life for autistic people.

J. David Hall is a Dad to three autistic persons, and he drives our NeuroGuides mobile, traveling to meet autistic clients wherever they are.

We are a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit charitable organization registered with the United States Internal Revenue Service as “Foundation for LGFA” We are a social impact venture – a unique organization designed from the ground up to serve the needs of autistic people in all communities.

We do not charge for an Insight Consultation visit. We just want to get to know you and see if we can help.

If you decide to work with us, there is a one-time fee for the assessment we perform with you, the autistic client. Our hourly rate for working with clients, using our training /coaching modules is very reasonable. Thanks to the generous charitable gifts of others, we provide help for low- and no-income autistic persons.

There are no contracts and no burdens on already burdened individuals and families. If we can help work with you on affordability options, we certainly will. Work with us as you feel comfortable, part with us whenever you choose, and we will always remain a resource and guide to you and your family.

We are serving others to make an investment to secure a unique, bright future in a neurodiverse culture.

We are headquartered in Olympia, Washington and go wherever we are needed to serve autistic persons and their families. We are able to serve clients remotely through the use of video conferencing apps like Skype, Google Hangouts or FaceTime. If you’re concerned about our ability to provide services for your location, please contact us for more information.

If you are looking for a public speaker for your organization, business, corporate entity, or educational institution, contact us to inquire about pricing, rates, and availability. Currently, we’re providing training on neurodiversity, building inclusive workplaces with several Fortune 500 companies, and governmental entities. We would be delighted to come to share our vision for building a culture of true neurodiversity for your business or organization.

With well-trained volunteers, future staff to deal with our growing number of clients worldwide, the contributors of our partner organization at NeuroClastic, and allies far and wide, we are starting a movement with the end goal being a future culture of true neurodiversity established in all communities.

As we work with and train others in businesses, we also recruit Life Guides within organizations to transform their own workplace cultures.

Our Board of Directors differs from many of the other non-profit organizations that help people who are autistic because the majority of our board members are autistic people. Quite simply, we believe the people who understand autism best are autistic persons themselves. Meet our board members here.

Learn how your workplace can hire us for inclusivity consulting.
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Learn how your workplace can hire us for inclusivity consulting.
Learn more.