About Us

NeuroGuides is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that provides consultations and life coaching for autistic people. We work closely with autistic individuals to help them find jobs, gain access to services, and obtain accommodations. We also help with IEP advocacy, resumes, social engagement, and more. 

With autism, the focus is often on the disability, but we aim to shift the focus to the advantages neurodiversity has to offer. Autistic individuals, for example, often have incredible focus, attention to detail, and accuracy—these traits can help them in school or in the workplace. 

We see the value of neurodiversity and want to change the way society sees autism. If society better understands the systemic and internalizes biases that often make it difficult for autistic individuals to find and maintain employment, succeed in school, make friends, etc., we can create a world where neurodiversity is embraced. 

Our Board of Directors stands out from many of the other non-profit organizations that help people who are autistic because the majority of our board members are autistic people. We understand that the people who know what autism is truly about are the ones who have first-hand experience with it.