Our Board

Christa Holmans

Board Member Christa Holmans( also known as Neurodivergent Rebel on Social Media) is a person who honestly enjoys pursuing her diverse passions. She has embodied many of these over the years. From aerial acrobatics and circus arts, to dog training and retail management, and more. She started the Neurodivergent Rebel Blog in 2016, and can be found advocating on twitter as @NeuroRevel, destroying stigmas about autism, disabilities, and spreading messages of positivity. Christa currently enjoys living with her best friend and “partner in crime”, David(along with four dogs), in the peaceful city of Georgetown, Texas.

Nolan Perry

Nolan Perry is a Autistic 15 year Old, currently in the 10th Grade in the South Carolina Lowcountry. He enjoys digital stuff, and has contributed to Open Source projects such as OpenSimulator, and has worked as Marketing and Web Coordinator for Neverworld Grid. 

Additionally, Nolan has volunteered over 1500 Hours at Morningside of Beaufort, A Assisted Living Facility in Beaufort, SC over the last four years.

Wendy Katz

Otherwise known as Wendy, AspieGurl is a 39 year old blogger living in Northern Virginia with her wonderful mom and NT boyfriend Shawn. She got her MSW from George Mason University and has worked in both direct service and non-profit development and communication. Her passions include her family, singing in her UU church choir, activism, and well written sci fi.

John Reily
Board Member

Jon Reily is the VP of Commerce for SapientRazorfish. There he leads commerce and retail consulting for the company serving their Fortune 500 Clients around the world. 

An internet commerce and design veteran, Jon founded and sold two successful internet companies in the 1990s before moving to the private sector to help brands such as Scholastic, Prudential, GoDaddy.com, and Guitar Center realize their Identities.

Previous to SapientRazorfish, Jon worked for Amazon where he was Head of User Experience and Commerce for Amazon's Kindle division. A frequent speaker and author, he has spoken at the National Retail Federation's annual meeting, and has been a guest analyst on CNBC

Debbie Bruce-Juhlke

Debbie Bruce-Juhlke enjoyed a impressive career in working with others in nursing, as a business owner and a HR Director, before becoming the President of Civitan International, an international organization dedicated to volunteer service in communities worldwide. Debbie has a love of helping others, and has a strong interest in serving people with special needs and their families. She and her husband, Tim recently adopted four beautiful children and live in Round Rock, Texas

Becca Lory

Becca Lory, CAS, BCCS was diagnosed on the autism spectrum as an adult and has since become an active autism consultant, author and advocate. With a focus on lving an active, positive life, her work includes autism consulting, public speaking engagements, writing two regular blogs and a bi-weekly podcast that she co-hosts. Becca sits on the Advisory Board of the Nassau-Suffolk chapter of the Autism Society of America, the board of Directors of Different Brains, and Community Council of AASET

Alice Dendinger

Alice Dendinger has over 35 Years of Expierience in the field of Human Resource Management and Organizational Development. She started the Alice Denginger Alliance Group in 2002 and PivotU in 2014. Through consulting, training, and coaching. Alice has focused her work on strategic management, organizational development, employee relations and communication, mediation and conflict resolution, performance, and assisting every level to "work better together". She has a BS in Business, MA in Communications and several professional communications.