Watch Christa Holmans (Neurodivergent Rebel) & J. David Hall: A Community Conversation on Neurodiversity

Recently, at Whole Foods Marketplace in Austin, Texas, we gathered panelists comprised of two autistic adult organizational founders and a neurotypical educator and put them in front of an audience of locals to engage in open dialogue about neurodiversity and inclusivity.

The results? A lively, hard hitting discussion about understanding, acceptance, and engagement of neurodivergent people in the mainstream of the broader culture. So grab your popcorn, have a seat in the audience, and enjoy the view from here:



J David Hall – CEO of Life Guides for Autism | Neuroguides 

Christa Holmans (NeuroDivergent Rebel) – Neurodivergent Consulting 

Linda Howard – Job Coach and Educator

Moderated by: Emily Brown – CEO of The Empowerment Network