For Autistic People

NeuroGuides provides one-on-one, tailored solutions for autistic children and adults which promote the E3 of our mission:

Encouraging: encouraging individuals to mobilize their strengths to carve out a sustainable, healthy, fulfilling life which meets their academic, interpersonal, social, professional, and lifestyle needs

Equipping: equipping individuals with the support, guidance, direction, tools, and opportunities in order to meet their goals and fulfill their needs

Engaging: engaging individuals directly with the services, employers, social functions, and resources they need by serving as an intermediary between the individual and the end point of their goals

While we use research-based best practices with a model of engagement that is unique to NeuroGuides, our services for autistic individuals are based on the specific needs, strengths, and goals of the client.

Examples of services might include:

  • going through the steps to apply for financial aid and college or vocational training
  • working with families to ensure that a school age client’s IEP or 504 plan accommodations are suited to the child’s needs and accommodations are put in place for the student
  • assisting a client with finding a way to monetize talents and special skills by starting a small business or finding an avenue to sell goods and services
  • preparing a client for job readiness and career searches by honing soft skills, polishing resumes, learning interview skills, and finding suitable work

For Businesses and Organizations

Keynote Speeches & Workshops

Whether you need a speaker for a fundraiser, gala, corporate event, cultural credit at a university, or educational seminar, NeuroGuides can accommodate your request. Speeches and workshops can be tailored to the needs of the client and can be specific to autism or generalized to disability or all diversity.

Diversity Review

NeuroGuides can perform a diversity review of your organization to determine areas of strength and weakness for serving diverse clients and customers and accommodating and maximizing the potential of diverse employees.

Continuing Education

NeuroGuides is partnered with TheAspergian, a collective of neurodiverse individuals with expertise in clinical psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, inclusion, diversity, multiculturalism, neuroscience, behavior economics, health care, social work, and education. We can build continuing education courses to shift the culture of your workplace.

Leadership Coaching

We can coach your leadership to be prepared to serve autistic clients and all clients who belong to marginalized populations. Beyond EEOC compliance, NeuroGuides focuses on harnessing the power of diversity to ensure a positive workplace culture, empower progress, and inspire innovation.

Effective leadership coaching improves the skill set and diversifies the potential for all employees, improves productivity, and fosters higher employee satisfaction among employees.